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Shaved Fennel, Salad Turnip & Cucumber Salad

Fennel. It is one of those vegetables that seems inspire strong opinions – a love it or leave it veg! As an infant, fennel tea was the only thing that soothed my colic. Through the rest of my life, it has been my number one comfort food. And garden fennel? I know almost nothing better. […]

Summer Vegetable Stratta

We usually steer clear of sharing many-step or make-ahead recipes…. but this one is worth it. Rich. Simple. Satisfying. The basic idea is cubes of bread soaked in eggs and cream, with whatever else you have a taste for. It’s a great dish for salvaging a stale loaf of bread (soak overnight), though even gluten-free […]

Blistered Shishitos & Cherry Tomatoes

We love growing Japanese Shishito peppers. The plants grow bushy, full of blooms, and heavy with the little green treats. The peppers are best slightly charred and eaten right from the pan or grill. But they also dry quickly and keep well in an airtight container. In winter, thrown into a stew or chili, they […]

Pasta Con Tutto

This is no classic Italian dish – just a simple, early summer pasta. This could be a great end-of-week recipe – work with whatever you have left to whip up a deceptively impressive-looking dinner. Have a little white wine kicking around? A splash in the pan while the fennel cooks wouldn’t hurt! PREP TIME: 15 minutes […]

Chioggia Beet & Balsamic Salad

A bonus to having flavourful greens is that making a salad with them is that much easier… there is just less need to dress things up. But if you are hoping to put on a pretty show, few veggies provide the instant impact of a candy-striped Chioggia beet. We find that halving the beets, laying […]

Use-It-All-Up Flatbread

As Tragically Hip fans, we have sought wisdom in the lyric, “Use it up, use it all up, don’t save a thing for later.” Every year, we try to offer our customers an early season reminder: almost all parts of what we grow for you are edible. Carrot tops, beet greens, scallion roots. Good for […]